Thursday, 30 April 2020

Austria - In Your Shoes

Hello, friends!
We´re so happy, that we could finish our 12th contribution at Schoolovision in those hard times and hope you´re all feeling fine and healthy!
Let us make you laugh a little bit! Have fun watching it and singing with us!

This year we started collecting ideas, texting, preparing our logo for the hoodies and
the dance before school was closed in Austria. For the vocals, the videos and pictures we say thank you to all parents and children for doing it by Home office;)
Thank you to Johannes, Paul and Julian! You did great work putting together all the pieces!

Our Song is about the children’s wish to grow old immediately and be able to do all the things their parents do. This wish is expressed in each chorus. In the end the kids realize it is not that easy to walk in their shoes… During the first verse the children search for items that their parents usually wear or use. They find Mum’s nail polish and high heels as well as their dad’s suit, watch, car keys and shaving foam. In the second verse the kids are facing obstacles of trying to be an adult. The watch fell on the floor and broke into pieces. The police stopped them because they have been driving too fast and nail polish is now all over the wall. In the bridge the parents come back to the house. The children hide every trace of what they have done from their parents. After all they are relived that they can return to live as children again.

Monday, 20 April 2020

Scotland - Blue Skies

In these very strange times, Scotland are back. Like schools across Europe, we are currently closed, and in a situation of limbo, unsure of what the future holds.

Our school choir, along with a few children from a school close by, Aberlady, were hard at work before lockdown on this piece and so we present it here in SV2020 as a message of hope...Hope for the future for all of us.

Let's hope there are Blue Skies ahead for ALL of us!

Remarkably, both the audio and video were recorded entirely on various devices at home, then put together and edited, and we give a very special thanks to music teacher Kenny Hutchison and also to Pippa Murphy for their expertise in bringing this all together!