Sunday, 10 May 2020

Ukraine - The Scarecrow

Hello from Ukraine!
🇺🇦This year we were not able to make the video we really wanted to produce because of the quarantine. Schools in Ukraine have been closed since 12 March and students are provided distance learning. Under such circumstances it was very difficult to make a proper entry but we tried to do our best.

Ukraine is mainly an agricultural country and people have orchards🌾🌿 to grow fruit 🍎🍐and vegetables. 🥒🍆🥦Very often they can be damaged by birds so people make scarecrows to scare and chase them.

The students are singing a song about a fearless scarecrow that stays in the garden. The lyrics were written by Dina Bondar and the music by Nataliia Saukh, they both live in our native city Cherkasy.

It’s a witty song; we hope it will improve your mood!🙂🙂🙂

A Scarecrow in a Straw Hat

There is a scarecrow in the garden

He wears a nice straw hat

He is very brave, he is afraid neither of the sun

Nor the thunder, nor darkness

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

He does his job very well!

The rain washes his clothes and the wind dries them.

He is fearless!

Every morning the sparrows fly to him to say hello

And he chases them away

Hey, hey hey, hey!

He does his job very well.

Friday, 8 May 2020

Latvia - The Witch

Greetings from Latvia!

There are 7 students in the 5th grade, very energetic students. Our video became very interesting, we didn't expect anything like that we would have to sing the song like this, because as we all know there are some limitations, but the students coped with everything and we have the song. There are small mistakes, but that's why we learn. We hope you enjoy it!

Here, here!
There is nowhere to go, I am always here.
Here, here, here!
There is nowhere to say, I can always spell darkness.

Star Button Steal,
Lacquered its hides,
Lunar horns break,
I plug it into my hair.

I can tear light, I can bring darkness,
I can extinguish the sun, sit in the wind chariot.
Stop laughter, sow in the field of fear
And ride on the broom, save gold.

Melting money in tears,
Sorrow fades into fairy tales,
The stars burn their fingers,
In the dark the road is unknown.

It's hard for me to bear evil,
Wants to throw the broom away,
The winds give freedom,
Sunlight life.

Take me with you
Where the light shines,
Also for the witch,
You have to be happy.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Germany - I wish for peace

We had set up a special project week to connect all voluntarily participating children from different age groups in the production of this video. The school closure stopped us in the middle of the recordings with the lyrics only half-finished.
Therefore, what you get to see is the best we could make out of the existing material plus a few shots of the children at home.

Our pupils invented the lyrics themselves. They sing:

I wish for peace for my music
with all my heart, fun with friends
I want freedom, freedom, freedom!

As if they had foreseen what would happen next...

Norway - Children for the future

Hi, all Schoolovisioners!
All of us at Kringsjå Primary School are happy to take part in "Schoolovision 2020". Luckily we started planning early this year, and some of the video was recorded before the virus closed down our school. Many of our students recorded the dance at home and sent it to us. Now 1st - 4th grade students are back at school. We hope the rest will follow soon. But in our "Schoolovision" video we are all together!

Estonia - Härrasmees (Gentleman)

This spring came differently and we had to change our plans. How to perform when everybody is at home and we can't practice. We decided to take a familiar song and one singer. Lev sang this song in the competition Silver Voice in our school last spring and got the first place. This spring he agreed to sing it again and we had possibility to record and film it at school.

The song is about a gentleman in his prime. He walks around and dreams. This is something we would like to do today too but we have to wait a bit. Maybe tomorrow we can.

Many thanks to Anu Röömel who allowed us to use his beautiful song.

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Poland - Song about children's rights

We proudly present the Polish entry for Schoolovision 2020. This year we produced our song being home.

We sing a song about children's rights.
Last year marked the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Thirty years ago, world leaders made a historic commitment to the world's children by adopting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child on 20 November 1989.

Friday, 1 May 2020

Finland - Kurittula-räppi

We are very happy to be able to represent Finland in the 2020 Schoolovision contest!
Along with the following rap you will get acquainted with our school that was taken into use in the autumn of 2019!
The rap was made by the rhythm club members of our school and the whole personnel of the school was involved in it.
The schools in Finland were closed in March due to the coronavirus. We had to finish the video working from homes and using the material that existed already. This spring has taught us that we should never give up, necessity is the mother of invention :)
Best wishes to all of you from Finland, stay healthy and safe!