Friday, 8 May 2020

Latvia - The Witch

Greetings from Latvia!

There are 7 students in the 5th grade, very energetic students. Our video became very interesting, we didn't expect anything like that we would have to sing the song like this, because as we all know there are some limitations, but the students coped with everything and we have the song. There are small mistakes, but that's why we learn. We hope you enjoy it!

Here, here!
There is nowhere to go, I am always here.
Here, here, here!
There is nowhere to say, I can always spell darkness.

Star Button Steal,
Lacquered its hides,
Lunar horns break,
I plug it into my hair.

I can tear light, I can bring darkness,
I can extinguish the sun, sit in the wind chariot.
Stop laughter, sow in the field of fear
And ride on the broom, save gold.

Melting money in tears,
Sorrow fades into fairy tales,
The stars burn their fingers,
In the dark the road is unknown.

It's hard for me to bear evil,
Wants to throw the broom away,
The winds give freedom,
Sunlight life.

Take me with you
Where the light shines,
Also for the witch,
You have to be happy.


  1. Your students are really very creative!
    Congratulations - you did it very well!!

  2. It shows that everything is possible. You can do the singing and video at home too. It was interesting to see your nature:)

    Good luck from Estonia

  3. It's great you were able to engage the students and make your entry.I am sure they liked the process a lot.
    Good luck from Ukraine!

  4. Hello from Finland! Our children liked to see your landscapes and your face paintings :) The melody of the song was very catchy. Good luck!

  5. Kids from Estonia

    It has a nice tune. (Aksel)
    I like it because it is funny and not too slow. (Lisete)

  6. Positive surprises like this from the students should be appreciated! A bit spooky and scary, but that made it all more fun! Well done!

  7. Emma & Ellis:"The song suits the witch! Your song is very creepy!"

  8. "TK from Germany"13 May 2020 at 09:25

    video is okay, but sound is awful.

  9. I`m so stunned. I really like your video. Hi from Ukraine)

  10. Teri, Viki, Adam, David from Slovakia: Good melody, interesting ideas, hard work doing it from home!

  11. Thank you all for the nice comments!