Sunday, 10 May 2020

Ukraine - The Scarecrow

Hello from Ukraine!
🇺🇦This year we were not able to make the video we really wanted to produce because of the quarantine. Schools in Ukraine have been closed since 12 March and students are provided distance learning. Under such circumstances it was very difficult to make a proper entry but we tried to do our best.

Ukraine is mainly an agricultural country and people have orchards🌾🌿 to grow fruit 🍎🍐and vegetables. 🥒🍆🥦Very often they can be damaged by birds so people make scarecrows to scare and chase them.

The students are singing a song about a fearless scarecrow that stays in the garden. The lyrics were written by Dina Bondar and the music by Nataliia Saukh, they both live in our native city Cherkasy.

It’s a witty song; we hope it will improve your mood!🙂🙂🙂

A Scarecrow in a Straw Hat

There is a scarecrow in the garden

He wears a nice straw hat

He is very brave, he is afraid neither of the sun

Nor the thunder, nor darkness

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

He does his job very well!

The rain washes his clothes and the wind dries them.

He is fearless!

Every morning the sparrows fly to him to say hello

And he chases them away

Hey, hey hey, hey!

He does his job very well.


  1. You are right. The song made me feel better. You are so cute and I love your singing.

    Good luck from Estonia

  2. I like your lovely students singing and dancing this song!
    Their performance is very nice!

    Good luck from Austria!

  3. Lovely singing from all the children! I always enjoy your videos.
    Good luck from scotland.

  4. Hi from Finland! Our children liked your video very much. They mentioned expecially your singing, dancing and also clothing :) Good job in this difficult situation. We wish you all the best!

  5. The children from grade 6 in Norway liked the singing and dancing! Well done putting this together in this special time. All the best!

  6. Kids from Estonia

    It is cool (Victoria)
    The kids are so cute and you sing so well. (Mirtel)

  7. Cheerful song and a feel-good performance! Well done!

  8. Emma & Ellis: "Great stage and great dance moves!"

  9. I like your cute entry Ukraine! Well done! Good Luck!

  10. Bravi cantanti e ballerini 😃 salvo-italy

  11. Teri, Viki, Adam, David from Slovakia: Unbelievable how you've done an excellent video from just one public performance. The kids are so talented, they sing live very well. The people behind cameras had hard work, but they managed it perfectly!
    Well done :-)

  12. Bravissimi complimenti 👍Michele Italy

  13. Siete stati bravissimi.
    Martina Italy

  14. Your song is great! Good luck!

  15. bellissimo siete bravissimi❤Gaia italy

  16. Hello from Warsaw! An English teacher at our currently school invited children to vote in this contest. When my daughter opened the link and started listening to the first song ... I can’t describe her reaction ... "Це моя школа!!! Це ж Перша міська гімназія!!!" Thank you for your activity and participation in different interesting projects. Thanks to this, such pleasant surprises happen. I taki mały ten świat!

  17. I`m just giggling. So funny!

  18. Astonished and Mirthful in one moment. Good job!!!

  19. The children are so lovey-dovey. Cute!!!

  20. So lovely song and kids! Very nice video! Good luck!

  21. Very nice video! Good luck!