Sunday, 3 May 2020

Poland - Song about children's rights

We proudly present the Polish entry for Schoolovision 2020. This year we produced our song being home.

We sing a song about children's rights.
Last year marked the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Thirty years ago, world leaders made a historic commitment to the world's children by adopting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child on 20 November 1989.

I have a right to live
I have a right to be myself
To feel safe, to be free.
I have a right to love and be loved.
You can't hurt, humiliate or beat me.

The children's rights are serious.
The children's rights aren't a game.

I can laugh
It can be beautiful.
I want to be healthy, grow at my rate.
I have the right to choose my friends by myself.
You can't force me to do bad things.

I have a right to dream
I have a right to be different
I may be weaker but I don't feel guilty.
I have the right to sing out loud when I want
I have the right to cry quietly when I'm angry.


  1. Great job, Marek!
    I would like to see the lyrics in Polish and English.

  2. Hello Marek,
    like your message - children´s rights are so important!!
    Good luck:)

  3. Marek - absolutely brilliant entry! Really love the virtual Minecraft school and the children singing from home. Wonderful :-)
    I'm like Steffen - is it possible to see the lyrics?
    Good luck from Scotland!

  4. Thank you for an excellent video. It shows very well that everything is possible even during Corona. I love the song and your singing is great.

    Good luck from Estonia

  5. Rhys in Scotland says: A happy sounding song!

  6. Oren in Scotland says: They are amazing at singing their song - well done Poland!

  7. Poppy in Scotland says: It's a really good song

  8. Emily in Scotland says: Did well to get so many people singing together despite the lockdown.

  9. Deacon in Scotland says: I like how they used Minecraft. I like how they drew in the middle of the song.

  10. Kitty in Scotland says: I like how most of you are doing things that you enjoy doing.

  11. What an important topic you have in your song! All of our children got to hear Polish for the first time, they liked it :) You were very inventive to get your entry done, nice job! Good luck from Finland :)

  12. Conell in Scotland says: I like it because they also added minecraft in it.

  13. Isabelle in Scotland says: Poland - I really like this and try to sing along. It's clever how they made their school in a computer game.

  14. Een mooi onderwerp

  15. Agnieszka Depta11 May 2020 at 10:49

    Nikola from Poland says: This is my favourite song:-)

  16. Mayflower Primary School thought it was a good entry and really creative considering the lockdown, we especially enjoyed the Minecraft.

  17. Kids from Estonia

    I love minecraft (Valter)
    I like your song because the kids are very cheerful. (Theodor)

  18. Very cheerful and happy song! Children's rights are important and deserve a good song like this! I'm impressed by all the students taking part from at home! Well done!

  19. Emma & Ellis: "We like your part with Minecraft! It´s cool!"

  20. Our students are happy about your video that you all sang so nicely in one video call. Good luck from Latvia!

  21. It is the cutest video I`ve ever seen! I`m awed!

  22. Teri, Viki, Adam, David from Slovakia: It's impressive how Agnieszka conducts everyone in their homes :-) Incredible how you got all the kids together and managed the sound. The Minecraft idea is also refreshing and funny :-)

  23. Bravissimi Cantate benissimo! Gaia-italy

  24. I like music of this song very much. Great job Poland! Not easy to work in this time, especially to sing the song together being at home. Wow... really cool!
    Good luck!

  25. An interesting idea in creating a video. The students liked the song and special melody of the song. A student from Latvia